Our Elk Antler Product Process

Manufacturing Elk VelvetAfter several years of careful planning, including fact-finding missions to the United States and Asia, the first processing plant was brought into production in 1994 with a second plant in 1999. We added a third facility in 2004 and another one in 2007

The plants and the process are absolutely state-of-the-art and are based on years of careful research. The 3rd processing plant offers freeze drying, which has been scientifically proven to retain the highest nutritional value. Our freeze drying method takes 62 days and is not to be confused with other types of freeze dry processes that only take 7 days as found in New Zealand. Once dried, the antler is then scraped and singed to remove the fine velvet covering. The antler is then ground, mixed and encapsulated.

Our quality, efficiency and reliability of our facilities have interested other companies and research institutions wishing to utilize our manufacturing services for a variety of herbal formulations for commercial or scientific use.

Royal Elk Products is proud to have received its NPN# (Natural Product Number #80009717) through Health Canada. A NPN is an eight digit numerical code assigned to each natural health product approved to be marketed in Canada. Health Canada assesses all Natural Health Products for their safety, effectiveness and quality before they are authorized for sale. We also hold the Masterfile for elk antler powder.

Our facility is site licensed as well, through Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations. Proving our dedications in maintaining our impeccable GMP standards.

Visitors are impressed with the dedication to quality and attention to hygiene.
Health Canada, CFIA, and Provincial Health inspect the plants.

You can always count on being able to consult with us over the phone and visitors are always welcome.