Elk Farming and Elk Velvet Antler Products

Elk Farming and Elk Velvet Antler ProductsA whimsical idea, good timing and a little luck were all contributing components, which led to the emergence of Royal Elk Products.

We purchased our first bull elk in 1986. It was purely for the love of wildlife, Don just wanted to look outside our window and see some big elk bulls.

This was our first step towards joining a booming new industry – Elk Farming and Elk Velvet Antler Products. In a few short years, we developed a vertically integrated enterprise based on a herd of Bull Elk and a processing plant.

In 1999 we built a second plant to keep up with the growing demand and in 2004 our third plant developed, this one equipped with 22 freeze driers to freeze dry for custom freeze-drying.

Our dream of seeing elk from our front window has been more than fulfilled. The animals are maintained on pasture throughout the year. They roam incredibly beautiful rolling land and can retreat to the security of the steep breaks of the river.

Our concern for drug-free Elk Velvet Antler Products and the welfare of the animals, is well looked after by raising them in their natural habitat, giving them all the natural ingredients nature has to offer. Our elk antler is harvested under veterinarian supervision and under the guidelines of the velvet antler removal certification program.