Elk Velvet Antler Products

Feel confident that you are getting the


We are the leaders in safety and quality for manufacturing elk velvet antler capsules and supplements and can prove it.

7 Top Reasons Why?

1.) Our antler source: Canadian raised elk, produce antler with the most amount of active ingredients within. Why?

  • Climate – Canada is far enough north, therefore a cold climate makes for big bodied bull elk
  • Green Grass – Canada has the perfect native grasses for making large antler.
  • Hot Sun –From the first day of spring to the beginning of June hot sun triggers the growth of antler, making it the fastest growing tissue in the world.

2.) Animal Care: Our animals are raised hormone free and the antler is humanely harvested under veterinarian supervision.

3.) How is it processed?

  • Our freeze drying method retains 400% more active ingredients than the traditional drying method. Mainly because there is no heat required while drying.
  • Since the antler is frozen from the start of the drying process no pathogens can be introduced, therefore the plate count stays low. Learn More

4.) Quality Assurance:

  • We follow Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Royal Elk Products holds a Health Canada Facility Site License – a legal requirement for manufacturing a Natural Health Products.
  • Royal Elk Products hold the NHP Masterfile for elk antler (NPN#80009717)

5.) Product Quality: We manufacture only whole antler rather than particular parts, WHY?

  • Different parts of the antler hold different amounts of active ingredients. Elk antler can be used for a wide range of symptoms when the whole antler is used.

6.) Elk Velvet Antler Powder is super fine ground so the body can digest the maximum amount.

7.) Pure and Natural: Nothing added, nothing taken away, whole antler only.


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