For Horses

Usage #1: If elk antler is used for the purpose of helping with arthritis, old injuries joint stiffness, endurance, horse racing or general health:

  • Sprinkle 2 – 15ml spoonfuls slightly heaped per day onto the horse’s oats. Do this for 5 days, and then cut back to 1 spoonful per day until the problems are resolved. (1 heaping spoonful = approx. 2300 mg)

Usage #2: If the antler is used for the purpose of open cuts, slashes, scrapes, punctures, wounds or proud flesh:

  • Sprinkle on the feed as above, PLUS
  • Mix a little water with some freeze-dried elk antler powder and make a paste. It will go black in color.
  • Wash the wound thoroughly ONCE with water
  • Put the paste on the entire open area. If it’s in a bad area and wants to fall off, then use gauze, the wound needs to totally breathe. Make sure the gauze is thin and there is not tape over the wound.
  • If the horse can reach the wound at all, they will lick, bite or chew off the antler in a few hours. The reason for this is because the antler is healing so fast that the wounded area becomes extremely itchy. Just put more antler back on.
  • If there is a hole in the flesh, then fill the hole with elk antler powder, ONCE
  • Do Not keep washing the wound on a daily bases. This will stop the new skin from growing, and forming a proper scab or allowing the outside edges to shrink inwards.
  • Do Not use any type of salve with the antler whatsoever. Mainly because oxygen is blocked and the wound can’t heal.


    1. You will notice wherever there is open flesh; it will suck the antler right inside the body.
    2. We have noticed on an average a very thin layer of skin forms within 26 hours.
    3. The size of the wound shrinks to about 50% in approximately 6 to 7 days.
    4. A fine short hair growth will cover the scare area in approximately 13 days
    5. Most severe wounds show signs of tenderness but heal within 18 days
    6. When tested on humans, we noticed instant pain relief. The same appears to be true for horses.
    7. Horses with major wounds don’t show any signs of scar tissue after they have been healed.

Scar tissue is referred to as hard white lumps underneath the skin and anywhere you have had scar tissue in the past; it doesn’t seem to go away and usually causes arthritis in that area. It also doesn’t allow the nerve endings to properly join together and therefore becomes painful in cold weather.



Sprinkle EVA Powder on your dog’s food – 140 mg per scoop
(On the back side of the measuring spoon handle is a thimble like measurer, it hold 140mg EVA powder)
140mg = 1/8 tsp. There are approximately 714, 140mg scoops per 100gm jar.

1-4 scoops/day
1 scoop up to 10 lbs
2 scoops between 10 -25 lbs
3 scoops between 26-40 lbs
4 scoops over 40 lbs
If required an additional 1 to 2 scoops
per day for the first 2 week. Then cut back to your dogs needs, usually about 2 scoops/day.

For Humans:

On the backside of the measuring spoon handle, is a thimble like measurer, it hold 140mg EVA powder. Take 4 measures per day equivalent to 2 –280mg capsules. Decrease as results appear.

NOTE: All our products are manufactured for human consumption, therefore the pure EVA powder can be used by people as well.